Youcan DIY Public Relations

You CAN Do-it-Yourself

… with the right advisor

Small businesses and startups often need a helping hand to get their messages clarified and their stories told. But ultimately, you certainly can do it yourself. 

We’ve developed a series of tools to guide you on your marketing and PR journey.

What is Youcan DIY PR?

It’s a combination of books that help you develop skillsets, and services that deliver a custom, mentor-driven public relations strategy.


We’ve just published the first book in our series on how to get your PR right — and it starts with developing strong messaging.

Now available from Balboa Press, Messaging your Business is a workbook that walks you through every step of the messaging process.

Price: $13.95 in print; $3.99 ebook.

Also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Sometimes you need more than instruction… you need inspiration.

That’s what we do best! When you need new ideas, or to freshen

up your PR plan, we’re available to coach you through the ‘stuck.’

Hourly: $150

1 hour weekly, per month: $ 500

Other options: contact us


Join us for online learning opportunities on topics ranging from messaging to positioning, employee communication and just about every marketing topic you can think of. Charges range from Free to $50, depending on the topic.

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Video Masterclasses

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Why have PR in-house?

Public relations firms offer the best of the best when it comes to what you need in a communications team: expertise, relationships, efficiency. But expertise comes at a price – usually between $3000 and $5000 per month. Yikes.

But small businesses can do this on their own. All the bases will be covered, with Youcan DIY PR:

  • More stories told by you and your team, and more outlets for delivery
  • Develop your own relationships with the press – and deliver the news faster
  • Improve your internal communications
  • And you don’t have a mortgage-sized bill at the beginning of each month.


What’s the value of:

For more than 30 years, we’ve used communications to:

  • Help established companies grow
  • Introduce new companies or products
  • Establish a reputation for easier recruitment
  • Open new markets
  • Establish speakers

What is Youcan DIY PR?

It’s a combination of books that help you develop skillsets, and services that deliver a custom, mentor-driven public relations strategy.

The DIY PR Books

Booklets that lead you, step by step, through each aspect of PR. Just $20 each (4 or more: call)

  1. Planning: Creating a custom PR Plan; Knowing your audience; Knowing your competition
    Key tools: working with them, working around them
    Your budget
  2. Messaging: Corporate Self Awareness
    Determining the mission and vision; Company and product descriptions
    Elevator pitch; The Boilerplate; Executive bios
  3. Media relations: Earned media: important partners for communication
    Building a media list; Shaping your story; Telling your story;
    How to develop a relationship with the press: do’s, don’ts & maybes
  4. Developing a press kit: What goes in it and why you need it
    The press release; the backgrounder; the FAQ; graphics/content
  5. Events: Creating the plan: balancing creativity with tactICS
    Budgeting: line items checklist
    On-the-ground: a great Run of Show
    Reports and ROI
  6. Conferences and Speaker’s Bureau Development
    Identifying appropriate conferences; attendance and ROI
    Networking for the Introvert
    Developing a speakers’ bureau: get your exec on stage
  7. Coming in 2020: Crisis Communications: the plan and the execution
    Community Relations: building your reputation beyond current customers
    Content & Social Media: LinkedIn, Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Youcan is for You if:

  • You have a team member who is interested in developing communication skills
  • You need more awareness of your company, non-profit or product line
  • You’re addressing a complex issue that needs finesse
  • Your competition is getting more attention than you are
  • People don’t know about or understand your offerings
  • You could benefit from claiming industry leadership
  • Your team can’t express what’s unique/important about you
  • You write a press release and nothing happens
  • You aren’t engaged with your community
  • Your reputation has been sullied – or not even built
  • Your clients would appreciate you highlighting their project
  • You need more speaking engagements and media coverage
  • Your budget can’t manage $3000, $5000/mo. or more for a PR firm
  • Tap Fluent to be your guide, your coach, your PR Sherpa.