A simple, guided method for growing in-house communications

Communications and media relations can raise the visibility of your company in ways no other tools can.

Introducing an easy-to-implement system for building a PR powerhouse… in-house. The tools, the expertise, and custom strategy/deliverables.

Why have PR in-house?

Public relations firms offer the best of the best when it comes to what you need in a communications team: expertise, relationships, efficiency. But expertise comes at a price – usually between $3000 and $5000 per month. Yikes.

But small businesses can do this on their own. All the bases will be covered, with Youcan DIY PR:

  • More stories told by you and your team, and more outlets for delivery
  • Develop your own relationships with the press – and deliver the news faster
  • Improve your internal communications
  • And you don’t have a mortgage-sized bill at the beginning of each month.


What’s the value of:

For more than 30 years, we’ve used communications to:

  • Help established companies grow
  • Introduce new companies or products
  • Establish a reputation for easier recruitment
  • Open new markets
  • Crisis communications
  • Establish speakers

What is Youcan DIY PR?

It’s a combination of books that help you develop skillsets, and services that deliver a custom, mentor-driven public relations strategy.

The DIY PR Books

Booklets that lead you, step by step, through each aspect of PR. Just $20 each (4 or more: call)

  1. Planning: Creating a custom PR Plan; Knowing your audience; Knowing your competition
    Key tools: working with them, working around them
    Your budget
  2. Messaging: Corporate Self Awareness
    Determining the mission and vision; Company and product descriptions
    Elevator pitch; The Boilerplate; Executive bios
  3. Media relations: Earned media: important partners for communication
    Building a media list; Shaping your story; Telling your story;
    How to develop a relationship with the press: do’s, don’ts & maybes
  4. Developing a press kit: What goes in it and why you need it
    The press release; the backgrounder; the FAQ; graphics/content
  5. Events: Creating the plan: balancing creativity with tactICS
    Budgeting: line items checklist
    On-the-ground: a great Run of Show
    Reports and ROI
  6. Conferences and Speaker’s Bureau Development
    Identifying appropriate conferences; attendance and ROI
    Networking for the Introvert
    Developing a speakers’ bureau: get your exec on stage
  7. Coming in 2020: Crisis Communications: the plan and the execution
    Community Relations: building your reputation beyond current customers
    Content & Social Media: LinkedIn, Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Youcan is for You if:

  • You have a team member who is interested in developing communication skills
  • You need more awareness of your company, non-profit or product line
  • You’re addressing a complex issue that needs finesse
  • Your competition is getting more attention than you are
  • People don’t know about or understand your offerings
  • You could benefit from claiming industry leadership
  • Your team can’t express what’s unique/important about you
  • You write a press release and nothing happens
  • You aren’t engaged with your community
  • Your reputation has been sullied – or not even built
  • Your clients would appreciate you highlighting their project
  • You need more speaking engagements and media coverage
  • Your budget can’t manage $3000, $5000/mo. or more for a PR firm
  • Tap Fluent to be your guide, your coach, your PR Sherpa.

Communications Services:

FIRST: we spend a full eight hours with your executives and the person who’s being tapped to execute on the communications. Out of those meetings, you will receive:

  • Custom strategic plan
  • Messaging
  • Editorial calendar
  • Training, based on the needs of your communications team member

Monthly: (for 11 additional months): we meet twice a month with the team member and any executives interested.

  • Tune ups on deliverables
  • Ideating and brainstorming
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