with a Ripple Effect

Everything FluentPR does focuses on the creation and telling of stories. Whether it’s marketing or media relations, the narratives used improve engagement.

Why is that our focus?
Because we live in a complicated world with so much ambient noise that it’s hard to break through with your message. That is true for your customers, your partners, and for your employees.

When you land on the right story, however, your pitch has the power to persuade accurately and carry impact for far longer than when you simply spout data. 

Here’s how FluentPR can help you:


Ensure that your communications and marketing contribute to the bottom line. We help you:

  • pinpoint your goals
  • clarify your objects, and
  • identify milestones that indicate success.  

Between interviews with your leadership team, understanding of your team’s capabilities, audience and competitive landscape research, Fluent PR will offer a plan to take you where you need to be.


Messaging is always a company’s first step. Research proves that digging down into the core of your company positions your business for success. Knowing what you do, uniquely and well, helps with sales, customer service, employee relations, stakeholder engagement… and everyday team communication. 

We literally wrote the book on messaging, so turn to FluentPR when it’s time to revisit your:

  • Mission
  • Corporate vision
  • Elevator pitch
  • … and all the pillars that support ongoing messages.


Telling your story can do wonders for business. FluentPR gets the word out with:

  • LinkedIn posts 
  • Blogging
  • Social posts
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Submitted articles … and more.

Bring your business to life for your target audience so your brand will shine.

Media Relations

“Media” covers a lot of territory: traditional consumer press; vertical industry or trade press, social media, and self-produced platforms to start the list. From local coverage to national headlines, blogs and podcasts, our skills and network will amplify your voice.

Lean on our editorial insight and relationships with the press to inspire coverage that builds your brand, solidifies your reputation, generates traffic, and establishes your expertise. Our media coaching assures you’re ready for the spotlight and well-prepared to serve as a spokesperson or expert source when the opportunity strikes.