Media Relations

“Media” covers a lot of territory: traditional consumer press; vertical industry or trade press, social and self-produced platforms are all on Fluent’s radar. From local coverage to national headlines, blogs and podcasts, our skill, network and judgement amplify your voice.

Our editorial insight and relationships with media will inspire coverage that builds your brand, solidifies your reputation, generates traffic to your business or website, and establishes your expertise. Our media coaching assures you’re ready for the spotlight and well-prepared to serve as a spokesperson or expert source when the opportunity strikes.

Fluent’s media services also encompass research and analysis of coverage trends, share-of-voice, social platform mentions and insights into coverage of competitors, industry and more.

At Fluent PR, you can be confident in our coverage of media and their coverage of you.

Strategic Planning

At Fluent, we manage your messaging throughout marketing platforms. Coordinating your social media presence, your earned media coverage, your public facing image and your internal employee engagement, Fluent PR works to assure your reputation contributes to your bottom line.

Strategic planning is integral to Fluent client service. We anticipate your milestones and shepherd the messaging, visibility, events and strategic partnerships necessary to keep you on track and your business goals met.

And, we provide the essential research and analysis to inform key decisions related to competitive stance, market trends, issues and influencers that impact your communications and ultimately your success.

Product Launch

Every product, every market, every era is different. The constant is that your product launch needs to be impactful.

At Fluent, we have been intricately involved in the introduction of more than 200 different products, services and technologies to the market. From Groupon’s precursor to the first liquid protein purification instrument based on the Internet of Things, we’ve had our hands on software and hardware, services and systems.

We think creatively; you’ll never have the same approach foisted upon you that just happened to work for someone else. Because not every company can give their employees a new Tesla to drive, even if it does garner 2000 articles in one day. Not every client deserves a seat at the table in the White House. And it’s not every day that you’re the first company to offer limo demos at a busy trade show!

What we offer is wisdom, ideation, and connections. Let us take a look at your goals and see how we can help.


A Pet Fete, a Kickstarter Kickoff, a Real Estate Reveal and a Call to Coaches.
Events inform the public, engage advocates, celebrate achievements and mark milestones. But it’s the work behind the scenes that assures such goals are met.  Our “run of show” management choreographs every detail, while our focus stays on the big picture. Venues and visuals are dressed for the occasion, while guests are greeted and regaled with memorable messaging.
Likewise, our press events and briefings offer more than talking heads.  We work to demonstrate the story, not merely tell it.
At Fluent PR, you’ll find a team of creative event planners that make events memorable.

Digital Media

Content. Social. Earned Media and Paid Media. It can – and likely should be – all a part of your communications strategy.

At Fluent, we look for fun and impactful ways to create content, and then make sure that it gets noticed. It might be on your website. It might be on one of your social media channels. It might even be something that you buy to get strategic impact. What matters is that it’s integrated into your overall plan.

Since websites were born we have been looking for the best ways to get your story told to the audiences that care. It’s likely that your target favors one or two digital channels. Let us add our tools, experience and skills to yours to create a digital plan that works best for your business.

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